Learn Keys to Spiritual Maturity, Truly Living For God, and Making an Impact for His glory!

"She is a great leader and women of God. The revelation when she preaches...she is a blessing to the body of Christ."
Vanessa B. 

3 Overarching Spiritual Growth Commitments for Christians!

Keys to a Stable and Grounded Walk with Christ!

And… 4 Reasons Why Many Christians Struggle to Stay Saved and Live Holy and how you can combat those things!

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As a Christian and the founder of QualityFaith.com my passion is to train and disciple individuals to know God, trust God, and live for Him!
I've dedicated time to disciple believers and help individuals grow in their walks and relationships with Christ. I believe now is a time where God is equipping many (off ALL walks of life) to truly know Him and live in Him. I hope you accept His call because you were called for greater works!

Hello, I'm Shalayna,
I'm a lover of God and a Christian Mentor. 


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